Summer of SUCCESS Moves to UP Academy

Our first week in the new location (at Urban Preparatory Academy – the new school in the old Mueller building at 2821 E 24th) has been a blast! Our numbers have grown every day we’ve been there, and we are learning all kinds of new and interesting things and doing all kinds of fun projects, playing new games (and some old favorites), planting basil, tasting basil and tomatoes and olive oil, writing in our journals (typing, actually… they’re online!), taking video and photos, doing Reading Plus and Khan Academy, getting faster at math facts, and laughing a lot!

Today was a particularly fun day… we visited Elderslie Farm near 101st Street North and Hillside. We saw and/or rode horses and donkeys, visited the goats (they’re about to have babies!), visited the sawmill and saw a huge tree being cut, visited a veggie-growing area, visited the Bramble (that’s what the blackberry “patch” is really called) and tasted both raspberries and blackberries! Then Mrs. Elder made us a very, very tasty lunch of pasta with bacon and peas and chard. Yum, yum. We are very excited to go back next week and see some more things there. The horses and goats might have their babies by then! (Incoming 5th, 6th and 7th graders can register here to join us – so far we have students who will be going to Spaght, Mayberry, Mead and Coleman).

Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to:

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