Folks who are interested in what we’re doing with this fun project but aren’t in a position to volunteer or donate are welcome to become a cheerleader!

Cheerleaders are very important to a team.  They care about what’s happening on the field, they encourage the team when things get challenging, they get excited with the team when things are going well. Some cheerleaders know team members personally and make a point to encourage them on a personal level, too. Cheerleaders talk about their team and encourage others to support the team as the occasion arises.  Some of them pray for the team.

Here are a few things a cheerleader could do:

  • Click here to be added to the Cheerleader list.  We will send a weekly (or thereabouts) update and try to make sure you have the information you need to share with those who might be interested in volunteering or donating or even becoming a cheerleader, too.  If you’re not much of a “form” person, just send an e-mail to to be added.
  • Join our Facebook Page and/or the  so your friends can see that you “like” us.
  • Follow us on Twitter at “successinthemid” and re-tweet freely.
  • Check the website on occasion and “like” or retweet the pages you like.

You never know who’s going to respond because they saw something YOU posted or clicked on social media.  (Three excellent volunteers joined us because they saw a post on a current volunteer’s FB page this year!)


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