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12 Scrapbook Project SuccessThank you, thank you for offering to help! Someone who shows genuine interest in a child can have quite a significant impact. An even greater impact is made when that person has had training on middle schoolers’ needs and how best to support them and who stays up on the latest research. We consider it a privilege and an obligation to do what we can to make sure you are well-equipped to serve the little people (or little person) you will be sharing time with this summer.

Tasting the berries

Tasting the blackberries at Elderslie Farm

We encourage Summer of SUCCESS volunteers to check out the resources posted here and on the SUCCESS in the Middle page (click the Resources Tab at the top, then choose “Volunteers” in the dropdown menu). It will go a long way toward getting us all on the same page about what we hope to help students accomplish this summer as the work on building their “toolbox” of skills needed for their future. We strongly encourage you to be an active participant in the Facebook Group so we can share one another’s joys, successes and challenges and learn from one another.

We’ll be using our fun stuff as a catalyst to learn about and get better at problem-solving, setting SMART goals, effective practicing, making effort, being persistent and resilient (“gritty”), developing a Growth vs Fixed mindset. We’ll learn a bit about how our brains work and how they learn best.

So have fun reading and also finding things on your own, too. Be sure to share interesting stuff you come across so we can share it with everyone else!

Links for Resources We’ll be Using
Math Magician How-To
Math Magician Link (How fast can you complete an All Operations?) 🙂
Attentive Reading – The Question Game
How to Teach Math Facts
Khan Academy (set up a Khan Academy account as firstname.summercoach if you don’t mind…  it’ll help us keep track of things a little better. Go ahead and take the pretest and see how you do. Experiment a bit and get familiar with the program.)
Khan Academy Coach Resources
Reading Plus

Useful General Info for Volunteers

SUCCESS in the Middle Training Powerpoint
Helping Students Learn How to Learn

What Makes Learning Stick?
What Kids Should Know About Their Own Brains
VIDEO: Persistence + Resilience = Grit

See previously shared articles in the Newsletters section of the SITM website.
More on the benefits of praising for the process rather than smarts or ability
This article has some great ideas for games that teach money management to middle schoolers.
Terrific talk about one theory of the key to success for middle schoolers.
Excellent video sharing how one teacher is teaching her class the concept of “grit”.
Check out this marvelous website that lets you type in a title of a book you liked and suggests others like it.
The CDC has excellent resources for parents and volunteers about the connection between physical activity and learning.

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