Gmail Info

All participants should have a gmail in the format of  If that user name is taken, feel free add some numbers after the last name.  It is critical that program staff be able to see who the student is for monitoring activities.

To set up a gmail, go to, click “create new account” (the red box in the upper righthand corner) and complete the information.  If the student is already 13, his/her date of birth can be used.  If the student is under 13, the parent’s date of birth must be used and the parent’s name should be use for the “first name” and “last name” boxes at the top. The user name can be the student’s name.

Please choose a password as follows: first initial, last name, DOB. For instance, jsmith031403. This will greatly facilitate getting on google docs at the camps, etc.

Pay attention to the last two boxes that are presented upon completion.  You must accept the terms and conditions but you do not need to accept the other box regarding google plus, etc.

If you are fundamentally opposed to your child having a gmail address, please e-mail  We will make an alternate plan. 🙂


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