Khan Academy.  First things first. Click the link and sign up for Khan Academy. (If you are under 13, your parent will create a child account).

The first time you get on, you will complete a series of problems that will help determine what you know and what you need to work on. The program will take it from there. Watch the video here to get started.

Every time after you get signed up, you will log in to Khan Academy using your gmail address (, for example), or your Khan Academy sign-in information, then click “learn” (upper left) and choose the “dashboard.” Just follow the program to earn points and badges.

Math Magician.  Getting faster at math facts makes homework go SO MUCH faster! Math is a lot more enjoyable when addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts are mastered.

Click the link to Math Magician, then click the “math magic” button, then “All Operations.” If you are in 6th grade, your goal should be to complete a Math Magician All Operations in less than 4:00 minutes, 7th graders in less than 3:30 minutes and 8th graders in less than 3:00 minutes.  Remember that we are way more excited about improvement and meeting a challenge so don’t worry if you can’t hit the goal right away. Be sure to log your date and score on your Activity Log the first time you try an All Operations (and every time after that) and watch yourself get faster and better by the end of the summer! If you sign up for a “virtual coach”, that person will also notice your improvement and get all excited with you!!

If you feel a little stuck on one of your numbers, ask someone to quiz you on just that number (or go to the Beat the Teacher videos). Focus on one number at a time for several days!  After you’ve practiced individual numbers for a few days, go back to All Operations and watch the magic happen. 🙂

Beat the Teacher Videos.  Students can click on the video of any number and function to practice their math facts with a Coleman teacher.  Just click “play” and try to say the answer before the teacher does.  (Remember… it’s better to stick with practicing one or two numbers lots of times in a row until they’re mastered rather than skipping around).

For a little variety, check out some other math sites and apps recommended by middle school teachers.

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