Scrabble with Kate

Scrabble with Kate

Passion-based or interest-based mentoring has been shown in numerous studies to significantly raise the engagement level of students. Summer is a perfect time to engage students over interests they might have in common with a volunteer, or introduce them to new skills a volunteer might like to share.

Chillin with Mrs. Hawks and Derek

Chillin’ with Mrs. Hawks and Derek at Elderslie Farm

Small groups will be the core of what we do every week. When a volunteer signs up, we will capture their interests and availability and work out a plan for the volunteer to meet with 2-3 students to do something of interest to both the volunteer and the students.  It could be reading, writing, math, science, social studies, but also bocce, drawing and painting, a musical instrument, soccer, basketball, four-square, gardening, cooking, photography, yoga, tai chi, chess, board games, drama, sewing, quilting, technology, engineering, etc. The idea is to find something fun to engage kids and give them practice at problem-solving, goal-setting, persistence, effort.

Screenshot 2014-07-20 15.57.52Volunteers are needed not only to engage with children at the camp but also for the following:
Salad Team: Bring the ingredients for a salad of some kind (lettuce-based, bean-based, rice-based, pasta-based, etc.) and assemble it with the kids for lunch.
Elderslie Farm Team: Come with us on our field trips to Elderslie Farm and take a couple students with you. Two friends could come together and transport two children. Tuesdays 12-4:00.
Wichita Art Museum: Come to “Art Camp” with us on June 11 from 1:30-4:30.

 If you want to help and are available sometime during the camp times, we can very likely find a spot for you!

 Click here to sign up.

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