Photo Gallery 2015

We had all kinds of fun this summer! The first three weeks (at Fairmount), we spent time daily in the garden (usually with Daryl) where we tasted mint and radishes, figured out how to strategically place the sprinkler and learned how to cage tomatoes and peppers.

We started each day with board games, and everybody learned several new ones. Our favorites were Blockus and Settlers of Catan, Jr. but we also loved dominoes and Rush Hour and Brain Quest.

My-Trinh came and taught us some origami and Jon and Cody came and did some reading and money math with us. We got on “Math Magician” and practiced getting faster at our multiplication tables, etc. We also read with an adult each day, sometimes in a small group, sometimes the large group and sometimes one-on-one. We also went to the Wichita Art Museum for a workshop one day!

Two of the campers made salads every day and served them to the group, and while we were eating we asked the adults the “Question of the Day” (What was your first job? What did you like to do on Saturdays when you were my age? What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar movie?) so we could practice conversation and get to know one another better.

We played outside every day, sometimes a group game and sometimes basketball or two-square. We also went to the water park at Fairmount Park on a nice, hot day.

When we moved to Iasis we kept our regular schedule of board games, lunch and Question of the Day, “staff meeting”, activities, math, reading and reflection. Carolyn was kind enough to offer a sewing workshop (heart pillows)!  Wayne and Jan Becker came and prepared lunch with us, did a very cool ball activity (and we each got a new ball!) and a centerpiece arranging activity.

We had to put off our field trip to Elderslie Farm twice – once due to rain and once due to heat but we finally made it and had a GREAT time there!

First Week at Fairmount (June 1-5)

Second Week at Fairmount (June 8-12)

Third Week at Fairmount (June 15-19)

More pics from Week Three (Fairmount)

Week at Iasis Christian Center (July 6-10)

More pics from Iasis Week (July 6-10)

Field Trip to Elderslie Farm

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