Virtual Coaches

Coaches (college age and up) will be connected with a team of 2-4 students. They will be given access to their students’ Activity Log (a google doc) and they will agree to correspond with each student at least once a week, mostly making encouraging comments or asking questions about their reading, writing, math and problem-solving activities.

Communication with Students
The “correspondence” tab on the Activity Log is the only approved method of communication with students.  Volunteers and students will both agree not to directly e-mail, text or call each other or “friend” each other on Facebook, etc.  (Parents who are coaches of their childrens’ friends and had a relationship prior to the summer are still asked to communicate regarding Summer of SUCCESS via the Activity Log, but they are free to maintain in-person and other contact they had prior to the summer.)

Students will be working through exercises on Khan Academy and coaches will be monitoring their progress.  For an explanation of the exercise software, click here.  Whether or not your strength is math, coaches can encourage students as they complete their Khan Academy selections and watch the videos as needed… and they can encourage their students to hang in there when it starts getting tough!

Coaches are encouraged to consider reading books with their students over the course of the summer and corresponding about them.  Click here for some booklists.  Study guides or book club questions abound on the net if you need ideas of questions to ask as you go along. Students will be completing Reading Plus selections as well; click here for information on that wonderful program.

Helpful attributes for coaches:  comfortable with google docs (or willing to learn), encouraging, reliable, maybe a little creative, good sense of humor, willing to go with the flow.  Very good to great writing skills will be super helpful.

Coaches will attend a training and complete the same paperwork as “real” USD259 volunteers.  Background checks will be conducted.  Anyone completing background checks and USD259 or SUCCESS in the Middle training in the last year is all set.

To sign up, please click here for the SUCCESS in the Middle online registration.

Questions? Email

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