Thanks for visiting this page!  We need lots of volunteer help, donations and moral support to make Summer of SUCCESS a big success.  If you don’t have extra time or funds at the moment, we’d love to have you as a cheerleader… (see below).

Small Group Leaders (Mentors)
Small groups will be the core of what we do every week. When a volunteer signs up (or an existing mentor chooses to participate), we will capture your interests and availability and work out a plan for the volunteer to meet with 2-3 students (or your current mentee/protegee) to do something of interest to both the volunteer and the students.  It could be reading, writing, math, science, social studies, but also bocce, drawing and painting, a musical instrument, soccer, basketball, four-square, gardening, cooking, photography, yoga, tai chi, chess, board games, drama, sewing, quilting, technology, engineering, etc. The idea is to find something fun to engage kids and give them practice at problem-solving, goal-setting, persistence, effort. Click here to sign up. If you’re already matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters or Youth Horizons and would like to participate with your Little or protegee, email summer@successinthemiddle.org.

Volunteer mentors and/or small group leaders will provide their availability and we will work within those parameters to set a schedule at a time (or times) that fits their schedule. Some volunteers come every day for a week, some a couple times a week for each of the “camps”, etc. Whatever fits the schedule.

Camp Schedule:

June 1-5 at Fairmount (1650 N Fairmount)  11:30-4:00
June 8-12 at Fairmount (1650 N Fairmount)  11:30-4:00
June 15-19 at UP Academy (2821 E 24th) 12:00-4:00
June 22-26 at UP Academy (2821 E 24th) 12:00-4:00
July 6-10 at Iasis Christian Center (1914 E 11th) 12:00-4:00
July 13-17 at Iasis Christian Center (1914 E 11th) 12:00-4:00

Click here to sign up.

Other summer programs in Wichita also need volunteers.  Click here to see a list of options and contact the program directly.

Clerical help (help is needed to keep track of registrations, monitor Activity Logs for points and prizes, monitor website and answer questions or respond to comments, stay on top of social media, run background checks).
Email summer@successinthemiddle.org if interested.

Cheerleaders are needed to take an interest in what we’re doing and offer encouragement.  You might read our newsletter, “like” our Facebook Page and/or join our Facebook Group, or follow us on Twitter, pray for us, send us notes of encouragement, offer advice or feedback, or tell others about our efforts as the occasion arises, etc.  If you happen to see something you’d like to help with, you can let us know.  There are no expectations of cheerleaders to volunteer or donate. These are very important people and we need lots of them. Click here for more details.

Donors.  Summer of SUCCESS is being run on mostly volunteer time but there will be some expenses for the director (Joni Hawks) and assistant (Dominique Whitten), art lessons, field trips to Elderslie Farm and the Wichita Art Museum,. Participating families are being asked to contribute as they are able, but we anticipate that additional funds will be needed. Click here for more details. Click here to donate any amount.  Or send a check to SUCCESS in the Middle c/o Wichita Community Foundation, 301 N. Main, Suite 100, Wichita, KS  67202.

Questions? Email summer@successinthemiddle.org.

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