Weekly “Camps”

The Summer of SUCCESS camps (for incoming 6th graders) will take place as follows:

June 1-5 at Fairmount – 1650 N Fairmount  11:30-4:00

June 8-12 at Fairmount – 1650 N Fairmount  11:30-4:00

June 15-19 at Fairmount – 165o N Fairmount

July 6-10 at Iasis Christian Center (1914 E 11th) 12:00-4:00

NEW: Field Trip to Elderslie Farm on Tuesday, July 14th
Depart from Iasis (1914 E 11th) and 12, return by 4:00

Helping Derek find berries

Helping Derek find blackberries at Elderslie Farm

Students will use math, reading, brain games, board games, group games, gardening, cooking, projects, arts/crafts, recreation, technology and field trips to build skills in the areas of problem-solving, goal-setting, self-regulation, persistence, interpersonal relationships. We will learn and practice attentive reading, find and fill math gaps, and learn ways to keep improving in all of these after “camp” is over. The addition of volunteers and small-group interaction will act as a multiplier effect on anything we do and deepen the experience for all involved.

Donations of $30 per week are suggested. Checks can be made payable to Success in the Middle and mailed to the Wichita Community Foundation, 301 N Main, Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67202 or given to Joni Hawks at any of the camps. Online donations can be made by clicking here.

Please click here to register.

Questions? Email summer@successinthemiddle.org

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