“The evidence is clear: writing can be a vehicle for improving reading. In particular, having students write about a text they are reading enhances how well they comprehend it. The same result occurs when students write about a text from different content areas, such as science and social studies.” From Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading by the Carnegie Foundation, April 2010.

Reading Log
Whatever you read, write about it!  What did you like or not like and why? If you read a couple chapters in a book, what do you think is going to happen next? Would you want the main character (or another character) as a friend? Why or why not? Was there something interesting that you didn’t know before?Something you agreed with or didn’t agree with? Why or why not?

On the “journal” tab of your Activity Log, you can write at least five complete sentences about an experience, a conversation, something you did today and whether you liked it, something that happened to you and how you responded (and how you might respond differently next time, if applicable), something you learned, something that made you laugh or cry or jump for joy, a decision you made, something you were proud of, an obstacle you overcame, something that made you mad or sad or happy, an instance where you made a good choice (or a bad choice, but you learned something!), what you did for exercise today, what healthy stuff you ate, what Khan Academy stuff you did today and how it went, an activity you did with a friend or family member, a new game you played, a TV show or movie you watched, your opinion about an issue and why you think they way you do, etc.

Need more ideas? Click here for some writing prompts.

Summer of SUCCESS staff and your parent have access to your Activity Log and will check your “Journal” tab and your “Reading” tab periodically.  If you indicated on the registration form that you would like a coach, we will share your Activity Log when one becomes available and you will be able to correspond with your coach on one tab of the journal.

Questions? Email summer@successinthemiddle.org.

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